Friday, 12 June 2009

coda cazalet @3:00 pm

Coda Cazalet performs jazz, big band and standards. She loves to sing and plays alto saxophone and brings her sultry sound regularly to Second Life.

Coda also plays guitar and sings "unplugged" for a change of pace on occasion! :)

In RL she is a music teacher and professional musician. She's been involved with music since he can remember. She started playing the clarinet in the school band in elementary school and picked up the saxophone a few years later. Music has presented her with many exciting opportunities and most recently, the chance to perform on second life and meet great people!

She is currently a member of a 7 piece SOUL/FUNK band featuring the sounds of such bands as TOWER OF POWER, EARTH WIND AND FIRE, AND CHICAGO. Her real life husband plays drums in the band. As a matter of fact that's how they met - playing in bands together! She married the drummer - go figure!

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