Thursday, 25 June 2009

joaquin gustav @ 3:00 pm slt

Joaquin Gustav from Buenos Aires, Argentina.


* Graduated from Music Popular School E.P.M. S.A.D.E.M. ( Argentina )
* Specialized in "Popular music Interpretation", guitar oriented.


* 1999 to present time. Music Teacher, oriented in Smooth Jazz, Rock, and south american music such as Tango, Milonga, Candombe, etc.
* Worked in several Tango musical projects around the country.
* Worked as the director and arranger of Professor Laura Hatton 's students (USA)
* Music composer of several theater plays such as "Enrulados Derechos', "Buga", and "Donde estan las chicas?".
* "Quijotes" rock band's guitar player and arranger.
* Finalist of the "Cavern Rock Festival 2007" contest, final taking place in Dec., 2007, and precasted for the "Pepsi Music 2008" music festival.

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