Tuesday, 28 July 2009

dominick manatiso *sunday august 2nd @noon

Dominick has been singing for almost 20 yrs as well as being a professional disc jockey and an on air personality for legacy-radio.com

Dominick sings a mix of country, southern rock and pop. Influences include Garth Brooks, Billy Joel and James Taylor.

Dominick if From the state of New York but considers himself a country boy trapped in the big city and makes a great effort to keep the crowd happy during his shows.

Lokki Merryman *july 29th @11:00 am slt

Lokki plays acoustic guitar/sing, mostly covers; Van Morrison, CSN, Joni Mitchel, Lou Reed, Cat Stevens, and so on, plus maybe one or two of his own... In Rl he play pubs occasionally, although he's currently working together with a friend putting together a set with keyboards and guitar.... another story:-)

Saturday, 18 July 2009

mimi carpenter @8:00 am slt

Drawing inspiration from a diverse range of musical styles, Mimi is pretty eclectic and her repertoire includes covers with strong rock, indie and pop influences, and a few originals accompanied by acoustic guitar.
Web pages: www.myspace.com/Mimi_Carpenter


Sunday, 12 July 2009

july 18th @10:00 am slt*l0riz whitfield

Let's start by saying that even if has been only a few months that I've been strolling around SL, working as a DJ in many clubs (rock, 80's, mixing live disco stuff, taking requests and whatsoever), I started about 2 months ago singing.
Here, I mean.
I have been singing in RL since 1994. I quit only for "techincal matters" (bass player left and the band stopped to perform).
So far during my live performances, there's NOTHING like seeing (in chat of course) ppl enjoying what you're doing.
"All the music you've ever heard in your life is somewhere in your head. I don't reject that, I use it" (Don Pullen)
Who's L0?
Nobody.....Only a voice at Romance's disposal


july 18th @9:00 am slt*hollivals taurus

Born and raised in Northern Iceland, Hölli Vals lived an idyllic childhood surrounded by contrastful nature.
Those contrasts and the mentality found in icelandic DNA has shaped his sound into a journey between the darker side of humanity and a powerful and a positive mindset that knows few limitations.

With this recipie along with a healthy dose of Jimi Hendrix, John Frusciante, Pink Floyd, Jeff Buckley and other loosely related inspirations, Hölli performs and writes in the singer songwriter tradition, allthough not a traditional one.
Unpredictable and always in charge, Hölli will surely bring you music that touches your nerves and spirit.

july 17th @2:00 pm slt*maximillion kleene

Rock/Pop/Alternative solo acoustic stylings, covering well loved
classics to newer, hip stuff and an eclectic mix in between...
A versatile vocal style, with a full toned acoustic sound...
from soft and melodic to pulsing and energetic
...a seasoned musician hailing from Niagara Falls, Canada
...is a versatile, all-around rock performer with a sugary sound,
smooth groove, a little punk edge and alot of in-your-face ROCK!
"The essence of a song is it's heart and soul"

july 17th @12:00 pm slt*jessie dane ember

JessieDane Ember started singing at the tender age of 2. Her style is extremely versatile and wonderfully executed and ranges from the 30's to today hits. She has been singing in real life and on line for many years. There is no venue she cannot sing and is always willing to learn new songs upon request.

As the infamous TonyLearner Anthony once quoted:"JessieDane Ember IS the Singers Singer!"

JessieDane Ember... a voice you simply dont want to miss!