Wednesday, 1 July 2009

UKD Project @ 1:00 pm

UKD Project grew as an Rl band but wanted new live music experiences and got in SL.
They are playing original songs composed by Anto and Rola.
The originals are variate with famous covers.
The genre of their music is a mix of pop, soul and rock.

UKD Project was founded in 2006, UDK stands for United Kingdom of delight.
and the bandmembers are:

Rola Hykova
She is the leadsinger of the band and the entertainer. Rola was influenced by singers like
Whitney Houston, Celine Dion, Cher etc. Her purpous is to make people smile with the music.

Anto Cale
He is the keyboardplayer and pianist, he started playing music in 1976. Anto loves to compose electronic music with the computer and multimedia.

Franko Philbin
He is the drummer and plays live since many years.

Please visit the website for more info

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