Sunday, 5 July 2009

picker apogee @1:00 pm

Picker Apogee, instrumental guitarist extraordinaire, is now a very popular attraction to Second Life and it's easy to see why. Seamlessly blending folk, pop, rock and ragtime, he breathes new life into familiar songs through stunning musicianship and clever arrangements. You can hear the songs again for the very first time!

Picker is a 48 year old guitarist who's been playing since age 18. Prior to guitar, he had classical training in violin. He was primarily playing in an electric classic/hard rock lead guitar role until his late 30's. At that time, Picker discovered country blues, ragtime, and fingerstyle guitar and has been hooked ever since. Rarely playing with a pick, he prefers the use of thumb and bare fingers to express himself musically.

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  1. The date for this show is July 6, 2009 at 1PM SLT/PDT. Thanks.