Friday, 10 July 2009

sunday july 12th @1:00pm slt-swina allen

Swina is a guitarist and a vocalist who performs original music in SL, created solely by him in his RL home studio. He loves playing blues, jazz, funky and fusion and counts BB King, Eric Clapton, Robben Ford and Santana among his favorite musicians.

Who is the man behind the avatar?
Swina is an IT manager whose life has always gone with the music.
When he was 14 he bought his first Eko guitar and he started playing and writing his own music. He loves also playing keyboard and piano:he has an awesome 1920 's Hofman-Khune piano on whose ivory keyboard he took his first jazz piano lessons...but the guitar was always on his way.When electronic music was accessible to his pocket he bought his first Roland hardware sequencer and a Roland synth and arranger. Soon after he got a Yamaha like strato electric guitar with a 100 W Montarbo valve ampli. What a deal !

One year ago he discovered the virtual stages in Second Life, where he has packed all the inworld venues where he performs. His love of the jazz/blues genre comes through in his melodic verses and smooth rhythms.

He only performs original tunes Sbut sometimes he sings in his own way some greatest tunes:Springsteen's "Devils and Dust" and Sergio Endrigo's "Io che ho amo solo te" among his favourites.

Most of the original songs are licensed under Creative Commons License and are free to download (some right reserved).

Swina also believes that music contamination is the most interesting thing for a musician: a way to meet musicians all over the world, to develop a new sound and to feel new emotions.
He is also used to play guitar in jamming sessions with SL artists like UKD Project (live), Ezcape Hax (using ninjam), Ridha Cooljoke (live). He has also recorded guitar and piano tracks for Jax Streeter, Ezcape Hax and UKD Project songs.

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